Salvador del Obispo Old cider brandy 50 cl

Salvador del Obispo

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50 cl bottle of old cider brandy.

Styer distilled from 100% natural Asturian cider. This cider is exclusive to the Caseria San Juan del Obispo

#243;n distillation appliances: slow distillation #243 alquitaras (below 80 ºC) that allows the obtaining of the m #243ás volátiles and subtle alcohols, así as the #225 aromatic elements;#225;s powerful.

The fresh and pure distillate, it is passed #243 to oak from Ohio (USA) to oak and remainedó maturing and aging for 9 años (Nov.2002 to Nov. 2011)

Sedó a blend of 8 aging boots. All of the same añor distilliesón: 2002 vintage

Thee have not been #241;added any substance and is bottled ó with the grade alcohólico resulting from long aging: 42.5 % vol.

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