Mina Ratafia de Magnolias Typical Ratafía of Bellmunt del Priorat de Magnolias - Bottle of 70 cl

Mina Ratafia de Magnolias

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Ratafía típica de Bellmunt del Priorat de Magnolias. The ratafía Mina is produced in the town #243;n Bellmunt del Priorat. The particularity of this ratafía is that it is #225; made with pémagnolia talos, starting from an unwritten recipe that has been passed from generations;#243;n in generación, which I already only knowíthree old people of the village and that the PrioratLab winery has recovered following those of them

  • In this area and in other neighboring villages around the Montsant mountain range, the magnolia flower is widely used to make spirits. The péfresh talos of the magnolia flower are left to macerate in spirits for 40 días, along with other balsámicas, saúco and orange flowers, spices, green nuts and azúcar. This combination #243;n macerates in damajuanas in the sun in the courtyard of the cellar to later make the blend and age in oak wood.

  • Color copper light, bright, with golden reflections.

  • Fresh, floral and cítricos.

  • In fresh mouth, balsaámica, soft, cítricas notes, anís and bitter touches from green walnuts

  • 70 cl.

  • Graduaciteón alcohólica: 28º

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