Aguardientes CervatO Ron&Strawberry

Aguardientes CervatO

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Ron&Fresa CervatO is a new and exclusive product. After a process of maceration of ripened strawberries at their optimum point its essence is obtained to be combined with young cane distillates. A mixture of sweet nuances with aromas that will surprise you. A unique flavor with which to set aside the most classic concepts of regular rum. Graduation: 37.5% Vol. HOW TO PREPARE A PERFECT RUM & STRAWBERRY CERVATO? The best things have their ritual: Also drink. The cup you deserve requires a certain liturgy. 1) The Glass: The glass must be wide-mouthed in order to allow the aromas of the glass to come out 2) Ice: Pour 4 Ices and move until the glass is very cold. 3) Alcohol in its right measure: Serves 5CL of alcohol on the ices to get it to its optimum temperature 4) Perfume: It's time to include the elements that will decorate and that will also enhance the flavor of your glass. Natural strawberries for those who like sweeter flavors or Lemon or Orange for those who like the bitterest flavors. 5) The Companion: You can choose any variant of tonic if you like citrus flavors (RonTonic). If you want a sweeter taste, then a Sprite or a Seven Up will be perfect for you. And for those who prefer lemon soft drinks, they are also a good companion for CervatO Strawberry Rum Enjoy. The last of them cannot carry a number or title, because there is something indefinable in the pleasure of a good first sip.

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