Aguardientes CervatO Dry Essence Premium GIN

Aguardientes CervatO

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Dry Essence Premium GIN is a gin obtained by double distillation. The careful selection of its 12 botanicals and its exquisite production with weak mineralization water provides an extra quality. Among the botanicals used are enebro, cardamom or cinnamon and a citrus infusion. The final product, is crisp, soft, fresh and very fine on the palate, with good balance between alcohol and botanicals, noting a lemon perfume and spices, which also give it a slight itching. Innovation and craftsmanship give rise to a Premium Gin that is characterized by its freshness, softness and aroma. Graduation: 40% Vol. MAKING A GINTONIC SEEMS EASY BUT... HOW TO MAKE A DRY ESSENCE TONIC? 1) Ball Cup: Add the Ice and cool the cup by removing it. Remove excess water. 2) Geneva to its right measure: Add 5CL dry Essence Premium GIN 3) Perfume: It's time to include the elements that will enhance the flavor of your Dry Essence Tonic. Lime Peel and Juniper Berries if combined with Premium Tonic or Orange Peel if combined with Pink Tonic. 4) The Companion: For a Premium Gin you need a Premium Tonic that will combine perfectly. For the more daring, the Pink Tonic, ideal for a sweeter GinTonic. Here the most important thing is the bubbles, that do not break. Tilt the glass slightly and pour the tonic slowly on one of the ices until filling. Enjoy. The last of them cannot carry a number or title, because there is something indefinable in the pleasure of a good first sip.

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