Ginebra 14 Botanicals Geneva 14 Botanicals - 70 cl

Ginebra 14 Botanicals

Gin 14 Botanicals

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crafted Ginebra with 14 botánicos, of which 9 are fresh from the Vega del Guadalquivir: juniper, coriander, raíz de angélica, liquorice, rosemary, lavender, five cítricos, etc.

  • It is a fresh gin, #225 aromatic, spicy at first, intense and final citrícos.

  • It can be taken alone, with tónica, with 7up and with natural orange juice. Accompaniedñlimón sliced, orange, grapefruit or strawberry.

  • Composición: cereal alcohol.

  • Diluiówaterwater; Sierra Nevada meltwater.

  • Elaboración: distilled in copper still. It's a London Dry auté amp;ntica. Bidestilada,

  • 1 bottle of 70 cl.

  • Alcohol: 40% vol.

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