Rafa Gorrotxategi Lot Dark chocolate 70% with Ibarra chilli, pecan nuts, blueberries and pistachios + Chocolate milk with almond shingles + Texas and Toloan Cigarettes + Gorrotxas

Rafa Gorrotxategi

Rafa Gorrotxategi

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Frutos secos


Exesit a sweet batch that includes:

  • Firine black chocolate 70% with ibarra chillies, pecan nuts, pistachios and arándanos.
    • Work handmade this dark chocolate with 70% of the best cocoa, with delicious pecan nuts, pistachios, ará ndanos, subtle salt scales and a delicate touch of the famous ibarra chillies.
    • redientes: dark chocolate topping (89.4%) (ecuador cocoa paste, azúcar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), pecan nuts 6%, pistachios 5%, arándanos 4.1%, ibarra powder chilli 0.1%.
    • Cacao: 70% mínimo.
    • It may contain traces of milk, other fruits of cáscara and sésamo.
    • Sin gluten.
    • Weight: 100 g. 
  • Chocolate with 42% milk with almond shingles.
    • We handcrafted this milk chocolate with 42% cocoa terra™, a cocoa of exceptional purity, with delicious and crispy almond shingles in the style of rafa berrotxategi. an unmatched taste and texture.
    • redientes: milk chocolate topping (88%) (azúcar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), 12% almond shingle (almond, butter (milk), azúbrown caña brown car, milk, rice flour
    • ).
    • Cacao: 42% mínimo.
    • It may contain traces of sésamo and other fruits of cáscara.
    • Sin gluten.
    • Weight: 100 g.
  • Pools and cigarettes.
    • Delicious crispy and tasty shingles, handcrafted, complemented by fine soft and delicious butter cigarettes
    • .
    • Gratdeds: almond, butter, azúbrown caña wholemeal, milk, rice flour
    • .
    • Inredient cigarettes: azúcar, wheat flour, butter, soy flour, egg powder, #243 wheat starch, salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin, aroma: vanillin.
    • It may contain traces of peanuts, cáscara and sésamo. 
    • Weight: 150 g.
  • gorrotxas.
    • 12 yolk and almond pies,
    • Very similar to macarons, #233 they also contain almond, egg and azúcar, having the double almond content and, instead of egg white carried by macarons, contain egg yolks.
    • We handcrafted these delicious pastries with a careful selectionón of ingredients, almond cream, azúcar and candied yolk.
    • redientes: almond (45%), egg, azúcar, glucose syrup, stabilizer: sorbitol, fémaíz, salt, preservative: ácido sórbico.
    • Sin gluten.
    • For desserts, or accompanyñi attend with the café.
    • marid with a good cheese,
    • 's a present for Christmas,
    • Serving below 25ºC. 
    • Supremaecality,
    • Weight: 360 g. 

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