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Rafa Gorrotxategi
"El confitero, chocolatero y turronero más vanguardista"
Confitería, chocolates y turrones artesanos


Rafa Captxategi is the third #243 generation of the Family Gorrotxategi. Since his niñez has lived between ovens and pastry sleeves.

A the 24 años, he works side by side in the workmanship with his father José Mari Gorrotxategi and takes various courses in Confitería and Chocolatería in Germany, France and nationally.

Recibes training #243 in various confiterí among which are three of the best in the world in pastelería and chocolatería: Antonio Escribá (The Magician of Chocolate) in Barcelona, Robert Linxe de la Maison du Chocolat in París and Pastelería Totel de Paco Torreblanca in Elda (Alicante


From the #241 a&<3>;o 1993 takes command of the little #241;or pastry makería, following in the footsteps of the family, in traditionón and craftsía.

In 2016 he launches into a new adventure creating the company Rafa Gorrotxategi 1680. This new bet of Rafa Gorrotxategi is a leap forward in quality and innovation #243;n. We will be surprised with new products and new pairings that aim to bring the repostería artisan to high-gastronomy levelsía.

Rafa Gorrotxategi enjoys knowing his experiences and knowledge to all those around him and participates in all the proposals of improvement in the world of gastronomy #237;a.

  • Cofrade Fundador of the Cofradía of the tolosa of Tolosa.
  • Wracty Brotherhood of the Oí #241 Chocolate Klaxk Guild;a;ati.
  • Frade de la Cofradía Virgen Blanca de Vitoria, founded by Cereros in 1613.
  • Bilbao Chocolate Friends Honor Form
  • Frade of Honor of the Brotherhoodíto Basque Gastronomía.
  • Ydd lectures on the history of cocoa and chocolate,
  • Impartió a pastry course ía to the faculty of the Gamarra School in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Has to make the Película Txokolatea, being its director, protagonist and producer.
  • Representative of Tolosa Gourmet.

Lleves toñ#225 you are showing us that high chocolatería has no mysteries for él, now show usá that high confectionería, neither does


We are a confectionería, chocolatería and artisan nougats. This new bet of Rafa Gorrotxategi is a leap forward in quality and innovation #243;n, maintaining the traditionón.


We are a staff of 8 workers working with the illusión that Rafa Gorrotxategi día día.

Estanisla Maria Ceballos Sanchez

"Agil y rápido"

18 May, 2020

Muchísimas gracias.
Un saludo

Rafa Gorrotxategi 26 May, 2020
lorenzo moreno gonzalez

"muy bien"

todo bien

22 Jan, 2021

"Tardó muchísimo"

26 Jan, 2021
lorenzo moreno gonzalez

"todo bien"

muy bien

06 Feb, 2021
Ana maria Fernandez garcia
19 Jun, 2021