Forno do Lodairo 14th pack of three bollas 1kg/und of Pan Cea

Forno do Lodairo

Forno do Lodairo

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  • So hard crust and crispy. It is produced in a leña oven, each baking takes 5 hours. The mixture composed of wheat flour, water, yeast composed of sourdough, then you have to knead the mixture for about 2 hours with rest of 20 minutes between each and after #233 each one;s goes to the oven a 1h20 min approx. Contains gluten and its período optimal consumption is in the first 3 days, although it is a bread that by its characteristics can withstand even más . It is ideal for numerous meals for great #243;n quality-quantity. Intense wheat flavor, perfect for fish, octopus, seafood etc. , ideal for making toasts. It can be a very interesting product for restaurants that want to implement a gourmet and quality product in their menus of there that we also opt for the possibility of marketing the pack of 3 bollas.

  • All process is handmade only the kneader is used at first for the primary mixing of the ingredients

  • The CEA Bread is the first bread in España that has the seal of quality with Indicación Geográfica Protected.

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