Bags de Tela Reusable Mask with Grey Arabesques

Bags de Tela

Bags de Tela

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Wed fabric mask

  • It's nice, reversible, and very resistant. 
  • The model is in beige fabric with different arabesques in shades of grey and mustard.
  • It has triple fabric: that is, they are three layers of fabric with a pocket to place the filter.
  • Only breathable and washable, they offer you the alternative of being eco-friendly, as it #225 supports more than 30 washes at high temperature.

Material and Finishes:

  • Suel used cottonón 100% on the outside and Vichy fabric 50% Algodón  50% Poliéster on the back, although there may be variations if you decide to choose linos or some other fabric with algún percentage of Poliéster.
  • The clamping #243;n has rubbers theásticas.

Measures: Ésta cone mask has 13 cms in the más part high and the length approx. is 20 cm.

  • Éthese reusable fabric masks are #225;n intended for people without síntomas who have to go out on the street to minimize the risk when it is impossible to maintain social estating. That is, are not are Individual Protection Equipment#243;n, or Sanitary Products, so they do not prevent the contagion of COVID-19.

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