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Privacy Policy #237 - Newsletter www.market.correos.es


1.    ¿Quién processá your data?


The controller is “Sociedad State Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., S.M.E” (hereinafter “Correos”), with CIF A-83052407 and registered office at Vía Dublínº 7 (Campo de las Naciones) 28070 Madrid (España).


To ensure the proper gestión of such processing, Correos has appointed a Data #243 Protection Officer (DPD or DPO), to which #233;n you can contact #233 through the following addressón e-mailónico: dpdgrupocorreos@correos.com.


2.    ¿For whaté your data is #225;n and whyé?


The personal carácter data of the User beán processed in order to be able to send, at the request of the user and to the #243 address of email ónico by él indicated, a newsletter containing commercial #243 information on the products and services of:


  1. Mails,


  1. The other companies in the Correos Group that carry out package services activities#237;a, of value añadido to the postal service, logística, marketing and telecommunication servicesón.


  1. There companies collaborating with Correos that belong to sectors such as telecommunications, finance, large consumption, health and NGOs´S.


The content of the newsletter can beá be genérich or personalized. In this úitimo case involveá the prior processing of your data with the aim of being able to proceed with your profiling and #243;n, determine tastes, preferences and needs and, based on éstas, identify the services and products that may be more #225;s interesting.


For any time you can request, in a simple and free way, the download on the #237; or the newsletter.


3.    ¿Qué data beán processed?


For the #237;or the newsletter, the data provided in the registration form will be processedán úonly the data provided in the registration form. In addition, if you are a customer of any of the Services of Correos you caná use information #243;n such as the histórich products and services contracted with Correos, the type of service and its characteristicsís;sticas to be able to customize the content of the newsletter.


4.    ¿Communicateán your data to third parties?


With carácter general is not provided for#233; that in order to register your data in the newsletter are communicated to others other than Correos, except legal imperative.


5.    ¿For how #225 long will you beá are you processing your data?


The personal data derived from the registration in the newsletter beán kept, as long as you do not request your discharge. At this time, it is #225; its blocking, being available only at the request of Judges and Courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office or the competent Públicas administrations during the limitation period #243;n of the actions that may derive and, after the #237;odo of blocking, their complete elimination #243;n. For example purposes, in the usual casesás be á the #243 limitation period of 3 años derived from the regulations for the protection of #243 data.


6.    ¿Whatáare your rights?


In the extent that they are #233;n recognized in the regulations for the protection of #243 data applicable at all times, the User mayá exercise the following rights in relation #243 to the processing of his/her data:


  1. Access Right: If you exercise this right, you mayá know what #233; type of data we are processing and the #237 characteristics of the processing we are carrying out.
  2. Rerectifying rights of #243;n: if you exercise this right, you mayá request the modification #243 of your data because it is étheses inaccurate or not truthful.
  3. Beable rights: if you exercise this right, you mayá obtain a copy in an interoperable format of the data you are #233;n being processed.
  4. Derecho to the limitation of #243;n in the processing of data: if you exercise this right, you may #225; limit the processing of your data in the cases collected in Law.
  5. Sote rights of #243;n: if you exercise this right, you may be #225 able to object to the processing of your data and request the cessation of the #237; or commercial communications.
  6. Desure Rights#243;n: If you exercise this right, you may #225; request the deletion #243 of your data when the processing is no longer necessary.
  7. Demreode to revoke your consent.


You can exercise your rights #233 through one of the following channels, indicating the right to exercise and accompanyñI have a copy of the National Identity Document or equivalent document además of any other documentation you #243 deem appropriate:


  1. Dirección Postal: Vía Dublínº 7 (Field of Nations) 28070 Madrid (España)
  2. Elecnmail Electrónico: protecciondatos.correos@correos.com


On the #225 website of the Españ Agency;ola de Protección Data (AEPD) you can find a number of models to help youán in the exercise of your rights. We also inform you of the right to lodge a #243 complaint with the supervisory authority (in España, the AEPD) if you consider your rights to be infringed