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Nico Hams
"Maestros jamoneros desde 1965"
Jamones de curación y secado tradicional


NICO Jamones is a family business with a history of más of 50 años. To talk about our hams is to talk about traditionó respect and cariñor since we are Jamoneros Masters.

In NICO Jamones we have as #241; identity: a deep knowledge of the product, a careful selectionón of the best raw materials, a craftsmanship process respectful of traditions and an attention to #243;n adapted to the needs of our customers. All these are #241;as of identity have been transmitted to us generated #243;n after #243;n.

We are focused on a 365 compliance to achieve excellence. A quality of moreáxima and constant guaranteed in all our processes, creating products that like not sólo in the ánational field but also #233;n in international markets.


Our mission #243 is:
→ Being specialists in Serranos and Ibérich products made with care and traditionón.
→ To provide value to our customers adaptingátaking on their needs.
→ Working committed to continuous improvement and innovation #243;n, with our team and with our environment.
→ Collaborate, permanently, with different organizations of carásocial and solidarity.

We want:
→ be a trusted brand that is part of your día dí a.
→ Contribute to healthy and natural food.#243.
→ Acompañart with quality products faithful to our Constant Quality motto.


With a team of más of 85 people, working from the origin to the packaging of our products, we want to transmit confidence and quality in each of our hams.

Company formed by professionals who follow a rigorous éethics of work, honesty and transparency.


Todo perfecto

07 Jun, 2020
José Luis López Sánchez

"Esta muy bien y bastante grande."

02 Aug, 2020

"Jamon buena calidad."

Buen producto.

29 Aug, 2020