Nico Jamones Hard crossover ham - whole piece

Nico Jamones

Nico Jamones

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  • Weight between 6.5 and 7.5 kg with a 12-month mó #225;s cure.
  • The Jamón Duroc Nico Crossing, is the best reflection of a breed that gives the jamón qualities of texture and flavor of a great quality due to the infiltration #243 of fat abundant in the lean. The quality of intramuscular fat that it possesses enhances its flavor
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  • A autédelight pleasure in every slice you cut. ¡Pruébalo! ¡You are surprisedá its flavor!. Traditional and natural product, source of fá proteins;cilly assimilable. It can be included in any type of diet. The Duroc is ideal for any time of the día and your más homemade recipes.
  • redients: Pork jamón, común salt, azúcar, acidity corrector E-331iii, preservatives E-252 and E-250, antioxidant E-301.
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free product.
  • Consugerence of consumption: consume at room temperature, between 18º - 21ºC.
  • A this temperature the slices of sizeñor medium and with some fat, beán much more ás tasty and preserveán all its nutrients.

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