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Trevélez ham
"Un placer que te puedes permitir cada día"
Jamón con Indicación Geográfica Protegida de la Alpujarra granadina


The Trevélez Jamón Marketing Society was created in the año 2000 by a collective of artisan producers of Jamón de Trevélez with Indicación Geográfica Protected (IGP), who joined forces to open new markets and promote this jamón together.

The Trevélez IGP Jamón is produced by producers who are family-owned companies with a tradition of #243;n that is maintained from #243 generation to #243;n. It is a natural product made by hand in an area within the region of alpujarra Granada.

The Marketer is #243 born; as a result of the unión of these producers to bring this artisanal and natural product outside the borders of España and subsequently on the online market, under the brand name común “Tradición 1862”. Since then it has been known and #225; present in the domestic and international market.

The Jamón of Trevélez IGP is a product with guaranteed quality, which has been made for centuries with the same méall traditional and natural, and in 1862 was awarded by Queen Elizabeth II, who grantedó the privilege of stamping the royal seal on these hams.

Therefore the brand común is “Tradición 1862”.


Our function #243 consists of selecting the jam #243ón between the different producers, to offer the hams with the best characteristics ís;sticas and quality at all times.

The objective is to know the Jamón de Trevélez, with the brand “Tradición 1862”, all over the world, so that the future of these family companies and this product, in this rural environment,


The Company is #225; consisting of 7 family companies producing jamón, and two persons in charge of the gestión of this brand común “Tradición 1862”.