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Enrique Garcia
"Inspiración basada en la Pasión por fabricar piezas Únicas y Exclusivas"
Fabricación de cuchillos


Thes company is relatively young, has only two #241 years of life. I say relative because it has been #225 more than 30 #241 years since my direct #243 in this sector #233.

Before mí my family did it, starting in the late #233;each of the #241 50s and early 60s. That is why it is a timeless company. This is the basis of the main idea of manufacturing knives, that is, transmitting to the end customer what #237 had been done previously to other manufacturers, offering a product free of changes by third parties that would affect the qualities of the knives to obtain #243 a greater benefit, all to the detriment of characteristics as bí #225;sicas as quality, materials and even differentiation #243;n.


These business consists of the manufacture #243 knives in which quality and #237 craftsmanship are mixed, that is, excellence.

The main objective is to be able to develop a product that is differentiating but that follows a sustainable path based on the triple vía: environmental, social and #243 economic.


Thes company isá formed by the head of production #243, #243 administration, financial, commercial, ¡ah! and the labor staff, that is, by mí Enrique García himself and with the indisputable support of my family.