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Carlota Monerry
"La Naturaleza en tu Piel"
Elaboración de Cosmética Natural


Somos manufacturers and distributors of cosménatural RG Dermis 21, our cream is #225; inspired by a great woman, "Carlota Monerry".

Born in 1880, one of the first teachers of España, sensitive woman and nature lover with great knowledge of botánica and natural remedies, which led her to create a cream formulated in the élittle sefardí, bequeath of generations#243;n in generación.

Hoy in día with an updated versión, and thanks always to it, we managed to develop this wonderful natural cream. 


Our project, is to bring nature closer to the world of cosmética, recovering the wisdomí to our ancestors, who taking advantage of the resources of the earth, (such as medicinal plants, vegetable oils and cereals), knew how to balance the outer beauty with inner health.

Ibergs are always respectful, in Carlota Monerry we have opted for a #243 formula with natural ingredients of first quality and of national origin.


We are a family business dedicated to the health sector and natural school.#233

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24 Aug, 2020
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07 Feb, 2021