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"La miel 100% española"
Apicultura completamente artesanal


In 2015, #237 have a situation #243;n of great labor tensions in the city and simply decide #237; I shouldífind a way to incorporate a little tranquility and nature into my life, something #237 I share with a #241;ero of work of hacía más of 15 años.

Together with my partner#241;ero, from our previous job, we recovered a #241 small family garden, talked to farmers and ranchers to learn a little more about #225 the sector, and among these conversations I was surprised by the #243 fact that throughout his life he was making them, someone who did not complain about his work, #243 a person who together with his wife, both beekeepers, enjoyed the work, enjoyed just talking about the bees. Having seen these sentiments, decideí that as mínimo debíto know in qué consistía, for to date the image that I haveía of a hive was that of round and yellow rings of the drawings.

The first thing I did was go to a meeting of #243 beekeepers, where many expose their #237 problems, and some gave us advice. After #233;s we visited the colmenar of a neighbor of my childhood, who had a few years with #241 hives and saw him the same pasión as the first beekeeper he indicated earlier, even less experienced.

Disposed to take knowledge about beekeeping, we take several courses on it, on pesticides, to know one of the greatest enemies of bees such as certain herbicides and insecticides, also #233;n realicé courses on animal welfare. All this combined with visits to hives of those who were already friends,

Paraly, we designed #241 business plan, for we had already decided that this #237 was going to be our path for the próximas décadas.

By the end of 2016 it was time to make the leap and ride the #243;n of your own, it was a very exciting thing to place the first hives, watch the bees come out of your hives, start applying what you learned. Also also came #233 the first blows, the pillaging between large hives, small #241;as and hives of other nearby beekeepers, the fight against the moth. And of course, the varroa, the áexpensive that más weakens and givesñto the hives, because we realized that even though we have our hives healed and cared for, if there is someone #250;n to hang from another nearby beekeeper or wild swarms without care, the varroa returns again and again.

For 2018 already with our first honey harvest, we decided to take the step of going out to sell to the shops.


We are beekeepers, we produce and package our products, the idea is to get to the consumer a totally handmade product. Our idea is to grow, and to be able to sell all over españa, and in the near future to Europe. Always without losing this touch that gives us the being completely artisanal and producers.


At the moment there are two of us, José Carlos and José Antonio.


"Ha sido rápido y cómodo."

El envío fue rápido y venía con un embalaje que le protegía de golpes. Repetiré sin duda.

29 Nov, 2021

Gracias María Teresa por confiar en BEHONEY, un saludo.