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13 Vines
"13 VIÑAS"
Elaboración de vino del Bierzo de manera tradicional


Bodegas and Viñedos 13 Viñas born #243 of a cúmule of events: mainly my family for generations engaged in wine as a way of self-consumption, and the surplus went to sale to friends or family.

It was in 2013 when unfortunately my father who was the one who #237;a with the few viñas we #237; we worked for self-consumption, suffersó a stroke, to which precipitó the decision #243;n to continue with the viñas or the total abandonment of the family viñ.

In the end we made the decision#243 to move forward, as it was a viñedo centenary that you seeía already from several generations.

Ees #241 a&<3>; or we make claret wine in a traditional way for our own consumption and made a small #241; #243 a elaboration of white wine that we bottled, and when people tried it #243 out; they wanted to #225 take it home, as #237; that it #243 would last us for 15 días of

The next #241 we make red and white with the idea of self-consumption and a small #241 one to bottle to see if it is #237;a fitting like the white wine of the añor earlier. Not only do we fit inó but in a short time people will ask us for #237; to haveí we want to take it to the village bars, so at the #241;or the next we already constituted the winery so that we can sell wine to everyone


And así it was the beginnings, one thing brought us #243; to another and now we have about 10 hectáreas de viñedo between 80 and 100 años, that the people of the people have given it to us before abandoning it.


Our business consists of the elaboration #243;n of wine by hand, emphasizing é in an agriculture as #225;s natural possible and not altering the characteristics #237 of wine that#237;micamente.

For this we produce wine with méall handmade in a winery dating from añ or 1900. For our part, we will try to get people to come and visit the viñ <7>;edos and the winery for así offer a moreás service nearby.

It may reach people, consume our product, that you can see cómo we work the viñedo, cómo we make the wine and así you can get to see the difference of an méall work más manual and artisanal to a elaboration #243;n más industrial.


In the winery we are two people: Julio Alberto Calvo Fernández (the subscriber) and Jesús Alcaide, partner of the winery.

The two of us do everything that entails the production #243;n of the wine, from pruning, subscriber, sulphate and collection #243 of the viñedo and its subsequent distribution#243;n.


"Compramos para degustación"

Relación calidad -precio de vino Mencía correcta.

23 Aug, 2020