Carmeleta VERMOUTH ROSSO 75cl.


Spirit & Coktail

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    • Party grapes are made from white grapes from the mediterráneo. Varieties of the skirt of the Benicadell, which remind us of those that one día populated the region of Safor, our #241;as that protect us. Combinción carefully cared for Malvasía, Moscatel   and  a  looking for varieties common to our territories. The guiñor our bobal through #233 his skin that gives him the “ blood” so peculiar of his hue. An original combination #243 of aromatic herbs #225 and species. A gentleman of classic cutáAlpine sico with the power of wormwood, Artemis and Díctamo of Crete. The subtlety of the herbs of the mediterráneo such as fennel and thyme, the elegance of spices such as Ginger and Sag Cinnamonón. But our VERMOUTH CARMELETA ROSSO is Orange Blood and Meat and its personality and carácter make it #225;n orange bark and our RaíOrange beans that are extracted and macerated next to the green shoots of the árbol, extraítwo recién premiered spring next to the orange blossom that is despised to give strength to the shoots to give án fruit. The wise one provided it with youá balsásweet and light touches to Sweet Licorice. The result is a balanced VERMOUTH that emerges the botánicos incorporated into the different processes.
    • OTEOTA:
    • Licorice Notas, smelly and generous as a whole, a pleasant and very particular aromatic #225 structure. Good intensity in the mouth, very well balanced with acidity. Long post taste slightly to

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