Carmeleta VERMOUTH ORANGE 75cl.


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  • “ Orange is the color of happiness “ Frank Sinatra
  • happens when the orange and blue color of Bartender Ivan Talens's eyes is #243 joined?  
  • The Vermouth Carmeleta Orange. único Vermouth of the world of orange, raíces, fresh leaf shoots and Orange blossom from Valencia . Its natural color has no traps, natural, orange and crystalline. An original #243 combination of grapes from the mediterráneo, muscat, malaysia and Nova plant with a careful infusión of aromatic #225 herbs;tics and botánicos. A Vermouth cítrico with clásicas reminiscences; without neglecting the essence of Vermouth clásico. Our exclusive infusión of raíOrange garlic, orange blossom and bark of our seasonal oranges combining with Wormwood, Artemis, DíCrete's ctamo and more than 20 botsánicos and spices with a touch of Candy and Ginger to balance our Carmeleta seal.
  • VERMOUTH CARMELETA  ORANGE is Orange Meat and its personality and carácter shape itán the essence of our oranges in all its forms, its bark and our Raíces of Naranjo that are extracted and macerated next to the green shoots of the árbol, extraídos recién premiered spring next to the orange blossom that is despised to give strength to the shoots to giveán fruit. The wise one provided it with youá balsásweet and light touches to Sweet Licorice. The result is a balanced VERMOUTH that emerges the botánicos incorporated into the different processes.
  • Coten #225 #237y and very particular notes wrapped in balsaámicos nuances. Good intensity in the mouth, very well balanced with acidity, fácil attack, fresh and broad.  Slightly bitter and spicy post-taste length. Balanced anatomía,  crystallinity with steely refflejos and glitter  flashing orange. A harmonious VERMOUTH. able to balance acidity, sweetness and bitterness with end to caramel and vanilla!!

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