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Ters, effort and #243;n united us to create CARMELETA. Nothing is chance, it is all orange blossom, smells, flavors that flutter through this inclusive land that has been melting pot of cultures, of pasión, of fire. It is not understood Valencia without a table around the food, without a Paella, without the sea, without the party, without talks, without sun, the same that matures our oranges. No one loves orange as much as Carmeleta, Grandma, that oneí everyone at lunchtime. Macerating between orange trees. Moreás of a déwe each wanted to recover that essence, orír the voices of our ancestors, recover those #237;ces. Who is Carmeleta and why #233; her name? We think that Appetizers like ours, with such versatility and personality dutyían bear the name of a woman, besides #225;s not just any woman. Grandma and Mother. We think of Carmen, Grandma Carmeleta.

Reccupating the essence, the #237;ces of our ancestors, the weeping of the land that is abandoned. Those who love orange and cítricos come to the memory Valencia ( España). The Naranjo árbol is the basis of our Vermouths and snacks. Its raíces, its tender leaves and buds, the orange blossom, its oranges. Carmeleta reúthe tradition #243;n of the Alchemy of our ancients, of our grandparents, of our ancestors. Tradition #243 in the art of #243 distillation; our know-how and #243; our knowledge of the land. there was a time of poets and kings in this land where poetry was cultivatedía and art. the best letters were born in our region, in safor, and from ahí the inspiration #243 for a new way to understand snacks and drinks to enjoy. A new culture for the mediterraneanáneo, a new way of living! In its process there is no #243;n involved in Carmeleta. We only use grape juice, orange and our botánicos and raíces únicos.

 Our goal is for the Orange to be at the top, the Queen of Fruits. CARMELETA revolutionizes and combines different técnicas typical of the Mediterráneo, the distillation #243;n, the infusión and the maceración of them.

Naranjas, orange blossom, tender leaves and raí orange, botánicos from all over the Mediterráneo. A floral amalgam, with cítricos aromas, bitter, sweet, exó flavors; tics that coexist in perfect balance and harmonyía. More than a déeach researching primitive recipes and adapting them to the elegance and finesse of our century.

This world is what we love, daring, elegant. A world that takes care of its origin, its #237;ces. A world that loves art, conversation #243;n, the celebration #243;n, the art of encounter. THIS IS OUR WORLD, MÉZCLANOS WITH YOU!!



Valence and the region of Safor were the birthplace of a Renaissance that gave rise to great writers, poets. A Kingdom with a fértil and privileged land, of illustrious knights and popes. Crucible of cultures and host land. Al Grao de Valencia attendsó a family from which to be borníto the largest medieval alchemist next to Geber, Rhazes and Hermes. In Vilanova del Grao was #243 born; in 1238 Arnau de Vilanova, short time after #233 the conquest of the city of Valencia by Jaime to the árabes who dominated it for eight centuries


In this melting pot of cultures I learnedó the árabe and travelsó to África perfecting his knowledge in the art of distilling wine, in his obsession #243 with obtaining the Elixir of Eternal Youth. He extracted schnapps and alcohol or espíritu from the wine, which he knew for #243; by the árabes of the península and was the first to introduce it to the West and throughout the Mediterranean arch, Provence and Italy and from where it developedí to a culture around wine and its distillates. The origin of every nation #243; with that niñor who has #243; being médico of Kings and Popes. of the court of Aragón , of Sicily, of Nápoles, of the Popes of Avignon

CARMELETA wants to recover the essence of the wine, its espíritu. Of feeling, of our   elixir of youth.

Carmeleta is a Creative Winery. Our passion #243;n is to delve into the recipes clásicas but with our creative air, with local product of Km 0 and without artificial dyes. We are Vermouth Makers and appetizers, only the best.


The Project is the work of two people, JAVIER PEIRO (Economist) and NOEMA ORTI (Interior Design)#241



09 Nov, 2020

Buenas tardes Celia. Cual ha sido el problema? puedes escribirnos a

Spirit & Coktail 18 Nov, 2020

"Envío muy lento"

Compré los productos con el objetivo de que llegaran en un par de días, acostumbrado a las nuevas plataformas de distribución, pero tardó más de una semana

31 Dec, 2020

Hola Javier, señalamos un envío de 3 días laborables y contamos con el servicio atendido en oficina de correos. lamentamos el retraso que hayas tenido pero en mas de cien envíos a través de esta plataforma solo hemos tenido dos problemas, ajenos a nuestra voluntad. Un placer y agradecemos que te gustara tanto nuestro Vermut. Siendo es que dependemos de acudir a las oficinas de correos para tramitar los envíos, con las restricciones actuales, hacemos todo en nuestra mano para que los disfrutéis en casa lo antes que nos es posible

Spirit & Coktail 26 Jan, 2021
Oscar Gonzalez Rodero


se pidió el lunes y llego el jueves .

31 Jan, 2021

gracias por la valoración!

Spirit & Coktail 02 Feb, 2021


Trato excelente con el cliente

18 Feb, 2021

muchas gracias, intentamos que podáis disfrutar de lo mejor de nosotros! Salud y Vermut!!

Spirit & Coktail 09 Mar, 2021
Julian Bermejo Ruiz
21 Mar, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Spirit & Coktail ha sido agradable, Julian. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!

Correos Market 22 Mar, 2022

agradecemos la máxima valoración, muchas gracias por elegirnos

Spirit & Coktail 04 May, 2022

"Pedido,envio y pago sencillo."

Era el producto que buscaba y correos me lo ha proporcionado.

06 Mar, 2022

Gracias por tu comentario Víctor. Nos alegra que hayas tenido una buena experiencia con Spirit & Coktail. ¡Esperamos verte pronto de nuevo!

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agradecemos la máxima valoración, muchas gracias por elegirnos

Spirit & Coktail 04 May, 2022
Julian Bermejo Ruiz
21 Mar, 2022

¡Muchas gracias por tu valoración Julian! Nos alegra que tu experiencia con Spirit & Coktail haya sido buena.
¡Esperamos verte pronto!

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Muchas gracias por el detalle. No me lo esperaba

12 May, 2022

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