Book The history of Spain according to Gallego y Rey

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A journey through the history of Spain through the stamps and drawings designed by the graphic humorists Gallego and Rey.


Get this book, a collection of vignettes and stamps to enjoy learning history with humor.

This is the first volume in a series of two, including 3 chapters:

• From Atapuerca to the Swabians, Vandals and Alans

• From the Visigoths to the Catholic Monarchs

• From Columbus to Philip III


Product Philately Correos

Publication Date: September 2018

Circulation: 2,000 copies

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What stamps does this book include?

It collects the stamps and drawings of José María Gallego and Julio Rey between 2000 and 2002, designed specifically for Correos with motifs of the history of Spain. There are several mini-lavenders with stamps full of genius, in the framework of Correspondencia Epistolar Escolar. You can see the different stamps in Correspondencia Epistolar Escolar (2000) and Correspondencia Epistolar (2001).


What's so special about this book?

It is an original and fun work, capable of transporting us to different periods of the history of Spain from a point of view full of humor and irony. A fantastic gift for fans of graphic humor.

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