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Solotero Winery and Vineyards
"Sabores marcados por el tiempo"
Elaboración de vino de las variedades Prieto Picudo y Albarín

Bodega and Viñedos Solotero is born from the pasión of the Cascallana family for the elaboration #243;n and taste of wine. Since 1920 we have squeezed every bunch of Prieto Picudo and Albarín in the metrorránea family-owned cave, located in the characterístico landscape of the Oteros region. The existing microclimate within this type of wineries promotes the production of #243;n and #243 preservation of exquisite wines.

The traditionón pasó from parents to children, until in the año 2017 the current owners launch this project by building a winery with modern facilities but with the same objective, making wines in añ

The family himself understands that the basis for making good wines is to take care of every part of the process, from the tasks that are carried out in the viñedos until the wine reaches the customer.


In Solotero we take care of making and marketing wine, looking for each bottle to contain the essence of each of our varieties. That is why we respect the natural times of the different stages of elaboration #243;n, so that you can enjoy the flavors and nuances of the varieties Prieto Picudo and Albarín.


Bodega and Viñedos Solotero is a family project so each family member contributes their grain of sand to take this project forward.