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Bodega Cristo del Humilladero
"Nos avalan más de 70 años elaborando vinos"
Vinos de Madrid, en las estribaciones de la Sierra de Gredos


Stitute just 1 hour from Madrid, Toledo and Ávila, ésta winery dating from the middle of the last century has almost 100 depóconcrete sitosón in use that were built inside the winery and with a score of tubs of century-old mud where wine, in silence, takes all the tastes for the palate


Located in a privileged environment, in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, their wine is #225; being, little by little, valued with very good scores in the vití panorama with scores above 90 points by the guías Peñín and Parker. 


Grenache vines in their majoría although they produce other varieties such as Albillo, Syrah, Tinta de Toro, Graciano, Merlot and Tempranillo.

The wine is always fermented in depóconcrete siteón with 70 años of antiquityüage. The ageing and microoxygenaciationón of the wine is #233 also carried out in depóconcrete siteón for three months. After #233;s is aged for six months in a clay vat, and in the end a rest of the bottle is held in silence and in the dark for three months.

Syrhrews smallñas of no más of 2000-3000 bottles, its broths are exported to Canadá, USA and its allies in the united states of Finland, Norway and Japan #243;n.

In the úwe have been #241 talking about the resurgence of Gredos wines.

Our environment seems to live a new youth with renewed #237;re-#237 and recognition that it never had.

The plots of the winegrowers of the winery are #225 in valleys and slopes of the mountainsñas with altitudes ranging from 600 to 1,200 meters. They are large soilsítics, álow pH cidos that give it a different carácter than wines.

Viñold ones, mostly #237;a, planted in glass in a traditional way.

All who visit the winery realize the effort our ancestors had to make to leave us the legacy of the viñedo, the work of the land that bears the fruit of the grape that, after a miracle of nature, becomes wine.


Bodega that has almost 80 members, the #237 largest of them with ages greater than 70 añyou who carefully care for their plots inherited from their ancestors.