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"La esencia del Mediterráneo, convertida en una riqueza natural: Miel de lujo artMuria"
Dos siglos de alta apicultura


Devery centuries of high beekeeping

An ancestral knowledge, devoción by the origin, the will to taste and seduce, the búsqueda of the exquisite in the simplest #225. These are the keys to a family dedication #243 that dates back to 1810,

Ssee generations of beekeepers, with an exciting effort and #243 involvement, have allowed the development #243 artMuria collection: the luxury íntimo that treasures our closest #225 nature.


Luz, pasión and pleasure inspire the artMuria #243 collection. The selection #243 of the most exclusive honeys #225 with the experience of 200 #241 years dedicated to beekeeping of the Muria family.

The artMuria collection is available #243 the #225 to the gourmet gourmet luxury products, which can be tasted in high-end hotels and restaurants, as #237 well as in the most select #225 stores in the main cities of the world.


The 5ª generation #243 of beekeepers Muria, Rafael Muria, created #243; this brand as a tribute to the work and experience of previous generations.

The excellent #233 technique and creativity of chef Rafel Muria adds to the experience and prestige of artMuria honeys, providing a #237 of possibilities giving his dishes a different, #250;nico and differentiated touch.

The chef of artMuria and owner of the restaurant Quatre Molins, recognized with a Michelin Star and winner of the Chef Balfegó 2018, innovates in his good cuisine, looking for new #243 gastronomic dimensions and contrasts with honey in his dishes.