TUNO Canarias Extra Indian Tuno Fig Jam Organic Production

TUNO Canarias


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Mermelada Artesana de TUNO INDIO CANARIO Tuno Canarias.

100% Handmade. 100% Canary Ingredients. 100% Fresh Products.

Without Preservatives or Artificial Colors.

"Está jam tastes like my land. To walk between fennels and tunos with the sea close and the #225;n facing. To the cinnamon soil where the lizards roam waiting for you to stop by to keep eating. Scented of incense, this Indian fig jam tastes like my land


Mermelada 100% handmade with 60% pure fruit.

Without preservatives, no dyes.

Worked in the Canary Islands with Tuno Canario Indio (Higo Tinto)

ECOLÓGICO CERTIFIED 5181P of the Canary Islands.

Indents: Canary Indian Tuno, azúcar, limón and pectina.

The Canary Indian Tuno has an impressive nutritional level. It contains vitamins E, B2, B8, B9-10 and K, calcium, sodium, magnesium and a lot of minerals and vitamins.

Allow us by hand #250 without any type of whatímicos our extra jams sólo with fig tuno from the Canary Islands, fresh and natural.

Net Content: 140 g.

Mermelada sí, but ecológica and artisanal fruit

Our Tuno Canarias jam is made through a totally artisanal process. It is common to find other ecológicas jams that are manufactured by fully industrialized processes. Our jams are ecológicas and artisans which gives it #241;ade extra value.

The Tuno Canarias jam is made with ecológico Indian fig harvested at the time ómature and reducing to máximo the content in azúcares that are already scarce.

The manufacturing process #243 of Tuno Canarias Jam isá oriented to alter the mínimo the natural taste of the fruit. To do this, the process used aims at the cocción mínima and essential of the fruit and to ensure the altercation #243;n mínima of its flavor and its properties.

The fruit content of the jam is not less than 60% exceeding even the mínimo established by law for extra jams which is 50%.

Other important factor in the #243 production of Tuno Canarias jams, is the use of limón ecológico juice as a natural preservative. The largestía of the ecológicas jams on the market use ácítrico of químico origin as acidulators, a product harmful to health.

Tuno Canarias offers flavors and aromas of Canarian #243 culinary tradition, with artisanal products and #233;all made #243 entirely handmade. Our fruits come from the isleños fields and are harvested at their point to extract their best nutritional qualities and guarantee a complete taste. Choosing Tuno Canarias means enjoying a special gastronómica.

Our products, handcrafted with expert hands and treated with the utmost care and respect for the environment from harvest to final packaging.

Our recipe isá created to satisfy the demanding más sybarite, wrapping each palate with an elixir that remains in the memory with a lasting #243;n.

Excellent in pastelería and repostería, combines with foie gras, gives color and amazing pairing on cheese boards, you will love itá its versatility in sauce bases.


  • Conserve in a cool, dry place, sheltered from light,


  • 't contain gluten.

  • Does not contain alérgens as ingredients.

    * Product with Certificationón Ecológica by the Government of the Canary Islands: ES- ECO-014-IC

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