Mermelicias de Gredos Handcrafted jam, boxes of 2 jars of 250g each

Mermelicias de Gredos

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  • Our jam is handmade, made with local, clean and seasonal products. It is #225; delicious because we make it in small batchesños, with few cantitades to get the best quality and taking care of every detail.  Nuetras jams and jellies carry (almost) all the fruit that grows in the area of the Tiétar Valley. Además carries azúcaña integral ecológico de Biogredos. Nothing more #225;s and nothing less. We offer them in batches of two or #160 boxes; three jars of 250g each. They are ideal for breakfast, snack, but also #233 to make a special and personalized gift.

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