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Complete your postal collection dedicated to the Roman Colosseum, which is possibly the most well-known and visited monument in Italy, with this pre-stamped card.

This wonder of the world saw its construction begin under the power of emperor Vespasian around the year 71 A.C. and ended up being inaugurated in the year 80 under the reign of his son Titus.

On the back of the card is illustrated imposing a part of the Roman Colosseum where its five levels are appreciated, and the obverse is composed of the seal of this issue of Tarifa C.

Remember that you can also get the stamp, the Premium Sheet and the First Day Envelope of the Colosseum.


Product Correos

Size: 160 x 110 mm

Publication Date: January 14, 2021

VAT included: 21%.


To which destinations can I send this postcard?

Tariff C is intended for international shipments of standardized letter. Serves standard shipments outside Europe; except shipments to the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


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