Shieko Cosmética Natural Regenerating facial cream sensitive skin Bio - acne skins - 50 ml

Shieko Cosmética Natural

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Product created especially for acnéicas skins for their content in "dry" oils such as jojoba oil, rosehip, neem and grape nugget that bring all their regenerating potential to the skin without greasing it. Thyme hydrolate provides, along with essential oils, its antibacterial and antifúngagic power. Propóleo, with anti-inflammatory, analgésicas, healing and epithelializing properties along with pure aloe vera, alleviate irritationón, inflammationón and itching. DERMATOL TESTADAÓGICAMENTE MAIN INGREDIENTS: Thymete Hydrolate, Jojoba Oil*, Aloe Vera Juice*, Rosehip Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Chamomile Hydrolate*, Calé Extract;ndula, Licorice Extract, ÁSalic Acidí Propónatural leo*, Alantoína, Neem oil*
*Ecol ingredientócertified gico
How to use: Apply by mañana and at night if necessary, a smallña quantity of product directly in the areas to be treated and always on the skin well cleaned and dry. SUITABLE FOR CELIACOS AND VEGETARIANS - NOT TESTED IN ANIMALS AirLess Packaging - PP EcolóGico

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