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Shieko Natural Cosmetics
"Pon en tu piel sólo lo que te podrías comer..."
Productos de cosmética natural


Me my name myriam Müller, I am Microbió loga de profesión, but above all I am passionate about Nature, of food #243;n healthy and of course, of the natural cosmé ethics. It all started#243: when one of my sons had a dermatitis atósmall#241;o. As an alternative to corticosteroids, formulé  a cream for él that had excellent results: it disappears ó totally 8 months after using it. Since then, I have not stopped studying, researching and formulating new products cosméticos and artisanal soaps.

Shieko emerged as a family business 6 años, and was born from respect for nature, with the premise of creating a cosmética orgánica made from ecológica, natural and environmentally friendly raw materials.


In Shieko we formulate and produce our own products with first-class essential ecoló #243;gico vegetable oils in frío, hydrolates and oleomacerates, extracts of pure plants and essential oils, certified with #243;n ecológica and all the documentation#243;n técnica necessary to register them with the Medicines Agency and the European Portal.

The experience, rigor and commitment that supports us, allows us to #225 also offer Formación (#243;n workshops of soaps and cosménatural ethics), Advisoría Técnica de Instalaciones y Fabricación to Terceros.

We strictly regulate the regulations #243;n health spañwave and European and work in accordance with the Good #225 Practices of Fabricación of Cosméticos products in a privileged environment, surrounded by ridingñas, in the heart of the Sierra de Guadar National Park.

The result: altí products;quality available to all, since we believe that health in the care of our skin, is not a luxury that is a #243; the few can afford, but a right to the reach of all



A family team made up of 2 people:

In formulación, manufacturing #243;n, quality control and marketing: Myriam Müller

In the administrative, logís;stica and commercial part: Bernabé González

19 Oct, 2020
Belén Campos Martín


Valoro mucho que haya llegado tan rápido. Gracias

23 Nov, 2020
***** *******
12 Feb, 2021
Ana Perez
19 May, 2021

"Muy bien"

04 Feb, 2022
Javier Ramos


Lo envío rápido. Pero
Nos metió un
Producto caducado o mal

01 Sep, 2022

Javier, lamentamos que tu experiencia con Shieko Cosmética Natural no haya sido tan buena como deseamos, nos esforzaremos para mejorar y para que tu experiencia mejore la próxima vez.