Pintarré Organic extra virgin olive oil 700ml


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Case of 700 ml. of extra virgin olive oil ecológico, picual variety with Denominación of Protected Origin “Sierra Mágina” and the seals "Degusta Jaén quality Eco" and "Degusta Jaén black label".
Auténtico natural olive juice and ecológico.
We are producers since año 1975, and since 2014 we have been certified in #243;n ecológica.
Sówe produce it ecológico.
From our farm - located in the place called "Pintarré" located at 900 m s.n.m. that gives name to our oil, with slopes greater than 10% and orientation #243;n south, #233;rmino de Torres and in an area protected by the Natura 2000 Network as LIC´S (Community interés), in the foothills of Sierra Mágina - we produce our extra virgin olive oil ecológico when the fruit is #225; in the ververo (at its point ómaturity ptimo) and sóthe olives of the árbol, discarding those that have caído to the ground, taking care of así its má ximas organolépticas qualities.
In our olive pasture we combine the cultivation of olive groves with the ganadería sheep, not using any #250 treatment that #237;mico.
For pest control, we have placed numerous nest boxes for insect birdsívoras, murciélakes...   We get así a product of máxima quality, early harvested and extracci[#243;n in frío through technical #225 procedures.
Tasting panel: fruity, predominantly ripe fruity on the nose with notes of ripe tomato, pláripe tano and some fruity green to leafy green.
In the mouth, the fruity green with sweet attack predominates to change to astringent. Más spicy than bitter and notes of artichoke, green leaf and almond. In whole of nose and mouth is a complex and armónico oil.

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