Pentanux Pentanux natural almonds - 1kg package



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Frutos secos


Almendra of the Penta variety cultivated in our own family-owned #243;n in Vega de Toro, Province of Zamora, in a sustainable way and in line with nature.

Severs characterísticas are:

  • Sabor sweet and creamy
  • Without preservatives or dyes
  • In gluten
  • Craftsman product
  • 100% Penta almond
  • Pack 1 Kg.

Pentanux is an undisputed source of health, as the addition #243;n to our natural almond diet is a recommended and healthy hábitos change.

Comer a puñalmond ado daily helps us improve our cardiovascular health and greater balance in times of anxiety and crisis.

Unsaturated almond fat produces an anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-protective effect, además are rich in dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamin E, a great complement to our daily diet.

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