Miel Montañas de León Lot of 2 boats of Honey Lion Mountains of 430 g.

Miel Montañas de León

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  • Myel raw, un filtered.
  • Of our own hives, located in the mountsñas of León.
  • Sanitary Registration N: 23.004215/LE
  • Producción Craft. Artisan Foods Castilla y León EAA/LE-0414
  • Sello Gold León Products
  • Producción limited

In Honey Montañas from León we only have a variety of honey.

Our bees work in mountain areasñwhere there is no #250 type of crop or contamination #243;n.

In this idílico environment we find flowerings as varied as hawthorn, blackberry, heather, thyme, orégano, te, oak, holm oak or arándano. The unión of all of them make our honey so special,

Not a único flavor, it is the essence of the montañas in a tablespoon of honey.

It is why we only collect honey from our hives once año, between August and September when all the nuances of the different seasons of the añor form a harmonious set.

Así is like what our ancestors #237 and así it is how we continue to do it to get the same flavor of authentic mountain honeyña, which the inhabitants of these montañas leonesas.

After all few things have changed by hereí, we find the same mountainñas, its meadows, its streams, its same flowers… only the progressive absence of its people has changed, which fills us with nostalgia and makes us strive to approach all possible places, part and essence of this wonderful land.

Lote formed by 2 boats of 430 g. each.

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