Miel Colmenares de Vendejo Honey Propolis Tincture Sellseed Hives - 30ml Bottle

Miel Colmenares de Vendejo

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Wug 30 ml of propóleo natural solder hives tincture. Harvested and made in Liébana, Cantabria, España.

The tincture of própolis or propónatural leos of Colmenares de Vendejo isá made with the propóleo that our bees collect in the forests and fields of Liébana.

The propóleo is a substance composed of resins and other elements that bees harvest and process within the hive. They use it to varnish the walls of their nest and to close any unnecessary openings,

Being composed of natural resins, it is a product with enormous virtues. Própolis or propóleo is known to have antibiótica, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And those properties are transferred to the tincture.

Dónde is harvested: Liébana, Cantabria

Colmenares de Vendejo emergedó más of half a century ago in #241 the small village of Vendejo, in the region cántabra de La Liébana, about 15 kmómeters from Potes.

Hoy, our #225 hives are spread throughout Liébana, from the foothills of the Cantábrica Range, to the Sierra de Peña Sagra and the Picos de Europa National Park.

The forests in which our bees work are covered with #225 holm oaks, oaks, them, cork oaks, beech trees and many fruit trees. In the areas #225;s high, the alpine vegetation #243;n is #225; dominated by heather. Of these árboles and shrubs our bees take the resins with which they make their propóleo.

¿Cómo lió #233;bana?

Our bees have a short working season: from April to the end of September. At that time, in addition to #225;s of honey, they harvest the resins to make their propóleo.

The própolis is collected using plástico meshes that bees, always pending avoiding unnecessary gaps, completely cover propóleo. When it is #225;n full, they freeze so that the propóleo becomes brittle and easy to handle#225;cil. It detaches from the meshes and is cleaned to avoid any impurities,

Pués, the pure propóleo (máxima quality) is macerated into 96º food alcohol to produce propóleo tincture, which is diluted to 30%.

Packed is pneumaticático, so we make sure that honey arrives strictly pure from honeycomb to packaging.

¿Qué properties has the propóleo tincture of Sell Hives?

The propóleo tincture has many uses. For example, the recognized más is to combat oral problems: sores (oral mucositis), swellings and other injuries.

Además, you are recognized with benéficas properties to mitigate throat irritation#243;n, and also #233;n against cavities, otitis or acné.

The posología recommended by Vendejo Hives is between 20 and 25 drops in three daily doses for adults and about 6 drops in three daily doses for childrenños.

It can be taken diluted in fruit juice, water or infusions.

The propóleo tincture container

The propóleos or própolis de Colmenares de Vendejo is offered in cóbottle modes with eyedropper.

It is 30 milliliters. They are small containersños and fáciles to handle, perfect to carry with one throughout the día and use them at any time.

Propóleo tincture is an excellent gift for people who value natural products, healthy living and natural medicine.

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