Lombec Organic garden and garden voucher – 15KG (25L) sack of Humus de Lombriz LOMBEC


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Fertilizer orgánico and natural, result of the biotransformationón of animal compost through the red worms of California (suitable for Ecológica agriculture).


- Natural and ecológico.

- Suitable for all types of crops.

- Dark color, odorless and leaves no residue to the touch


- Enriches soils thanks to the #243 formation of clay-h complexesúmicos.

- Helps restructure degraded soils.#243

- Increases the biológica activity of soils and the #243 retention capacity of water and mineral salts.

- Excesses in their use #243;n do not harm the cultivation of plants, even in the más tender shoots

- Ideal for urban orchards, floral plants, nurseries and vegetables.


• ECOLÓGICO: It is suitable for all types of crops and #225; especially recommended for ecológico cultivation, and even for delicate #225 plants. It completely replaces the application #243;n of the fertilizers that #237;micos.

• NUTRITIVE: It has abundant bacterial flora and has a prácatically neutral pH. Because it promotes the formation #243 of mycorrhizals and other characteristicsífavorable characteristics, it greatly improves the biológicas properties of agrí fruits; tails and vegetables, made moreé #225;s tasty, large and healthy.

• SUSTAINABLE: Además of being a recycled product, as it is extracted from the waste agrítails, all the raw material comes from the best styércol beef from local farms.

• QUALITY: Contains a lot of orgánica matter, is very rich in húmico extract and mineral nutrients. In addition#225;s, we offer the best quality-price relationship #243 on the market. ¡Price directly from the producer!

• DURABILITY: Its raffia sack retains moisture and allows the perspiration #243 of the product, keeping the bacterial flora alive for a lot ofístill time. Además, is a fully stabilized product (does not ferment or rot) and lacking phytotoxicity.


- Áfruit trees: Between 2-3 kg secún tamaño

- Vegetables: 150 gr/plant applied to the seed or 0.5 kg/plant applied on campus

- Floral plantations: Between 0.5 and 1kg per plant secún tamaño and quality of the land

- Césped: Between 1-2 kg per m2 and secún characteristicsísoil characteristics

- Flowers, orquídeas, pots, transplants, cáñmaster and nurseries: 50% mixture with universal substrate or coconut fiber


- Place of elaboration #243;n: Gerb (Lérida).

- Preparation time #243;n: 3 to 6 months

- Summary of the main manufacturing steps #243;n:

01. Transformación:

In our production plant #243;n, red worms transform the compost of estiércol into humus directly assimilated by plants. Once the humus is obtained, it is removed from the field and transferred to the screening and packing plant.

02. Control:

Under a careful supervisionón it is guaranteed that the worm humus to be marketed has a granulometría uniform, has a fluffy appearance that is pleasant to the touch and very #225 easy to handle. It does not contain stones or plásticos or other unwanted elements.

03. Packaging:

Previo moisture control, the worm humus is packed in bags of 25kg (approx. 42 liters), 15kg (approx. 25 liters) and 4kg (approx. 5 liters) and, then #243;n, the product is ready for proper transport to the destination point.

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