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Vermiculture Innovation
"Abono orgánico y ecológico para tu huerto urbano o jardín"
Empresa familiar dedicada al abono natural del humus de lombriz

Tho a small #241;a family business dedicated to the production #243;#243 of LOMBEC worm humus, where sustainability and the environment are our mostáxima priority.

We are located 4km from a very small village#241;or few inhabitants called Gerb, in the province of Lérida, which makes us enjoy a clear and free atmosphere of polucitionón the whole año.

Vermiculture Innovation nació 10 años ago with the idea of improving the quality of agrí soils;tails, enhancing responsible and environmentally friendly cultivation and, in this way, to replace the use of pesticides and fertilizers that are #237 harmful to health. It should be borne in mind that the continued use of fertilizers that #237;micos causes imbalances in the soil and, if the input is exaggerated, there is a risk of poisoning #243 by pató agents;genos.

Our misión is to reverse the trend of the use of #237 chemical fertilizers;mycos in favor of biológico fertilizers to achieve a más orgánica, healthy and ecológica fertilizers, as it doesían our grandparents.


Our LOMBEC worm humus is an orgánico and natural fertilizer, a result of the biotransformaciationón of animal compost through the red worms of California (Eisenia Foetida).

There are no kind of process#250#237;mico in its production #243;n, worms are the ones that do all the #243 transformation work for several months ingesting stipulatedércol and taking out the best orgánico fertilizer par excellence #233 through its digester. It is a 100% natural and #225 product; qualified as an ecológico product by EC Regulation 889/2008.

Our orgánico fertilizer is ideal for urban orchards but #233 is also suitable for any crop: floral plants, áfruit trees, césped, seedlings, cáñamo, transplants, mass crop subscriber and horticulture in general.


Our base team is #225; consisting of 5 people:

  • Very committed and in constant evolutionón
  • Always severing the innovation of #243&n to improve the gestión of waste agrícolas and providing advisory servicesía for the creation #243 of new crops.
  • Our passion #243s by vermicultura allows us to have full commitment to our customers, offering them #233;always inging them the most #225 quality and a delivery service ráI ask and efficient.
  • Además, we are working to make the transport of our product also #233én the éctrico or non-polluting.
Felipe Fernández Cejas
21 Mar, 2021