la casa de las setas Dark brown cane with baton

la casa de las setas

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wood #243&n to go get mushrooms.

Powerás make long walks with this cóbastón mode, which will help youá to improve support and rest your arms. Minimizes tiredness.

This bastón to go for mushrooms handmade in wood to be light, has a metálica toe that protects the wooden stick from shocks.

Characterísticas Bastón caste woodño dark with bat

• Material: Caste woodño dark with bat

•Sizeño: 135 - 140 cm long, 3 cm diámeter approximate

• Color: dark

• #243 handle decorated

• Galvanizing protective toe #225

• Artisanal #243

• Weight: 500 gr (approx.)

The wooden mushroom bastón includes:

• Leather tape to hold the muñeca and prevent it from falling while using it on our exits

• Galvanizing tip that helps to look for edible mushrooms and protects the bastón from possible breaks caused by the rocks 

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