Lot of 3 wooden keychains

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of 3 wooden keychains
  • All of them are made of solid varnished maple wood that offers great contrast of color.

  • The thickness of the wood is approximately 5mm.

  • The engraving is always on both sides with different motifs,

  • Keychains, because of their shapes, have no sharp elements that scratch or pinchen.

They can be customized by choosing the desired initial. "Indicate initial (A, G, D) in Remarks when processing the order".

  • Dimensions:

    • The ring is 27 mm in diameter.

    • Wood measures 4 cm x 5 cm.

  • You can choose between heraldic, Celtic and marine models in any combination. Examples: 2 sailors + 1 heraldic // 1 heraldic + 1 sailor + 1 Celtic // 3 Celts


In the first side, initial in calligraphy of strings of own design and two knots of double coin. The other side has a heraldic-style caravel with a drawing adapted to the circular shape. Surrounding both sides is a rope with a top bow,

Celtic model

In the first face, initial in 16th-century Vatican calligraphy in Celtic style and complementary ornaments adapted to the keychain. The other side has three types of perennial knots: the central one is quaternary, surrounding this one there is a knot of own design of 8 points and on the shore eight ratchets.

medieval model

In the first face, initial in calligraphy of the sixteenth century adapted to the shape of shield for which have been added ornaments of own design according to the original style. The other side has a German-style medieval English heraldry dragon. Both sides are surrounded by an ornament of rivets and crowned with an ornate structure for the fastening of the chain, both of their own

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