Debosc Detablet - Support for tablets, e-books or conventional books



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The DETABLET is a stand for tablets, e-books or conventional books, designñor minimalist and made with birch wood. It can be used with devices in horizontal or vertical #243;n position, even while charging the batteryía, and adjust the tiltón of the bracket to the exact point that is más cómode. This is possible because the DETABLET is #225; consisting of 2 detachable pieces: the center bracket and a base embedded in that support to be able to slide the DETABLET until you find the right tiltón. Since the base is a single piece of the same length as the center support, in addition#225;s, the DETABLET is stable on any surface: podéis use it while working on the desk #225, while playingáis with the tablet on your lap sitting on the sofá or while looking atáis filmículas lying on the bed


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