Debosc Debeam - Desktop support for laptops



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The DEBEAM is a desktop stand for portátiles, designñor minimalist and made with birch wood. With the DEBEAM, the computer is at a height suitable for the eye and in a tilt #243;n that facilitates a cófashion posture for both the back and hands.

The support is #225; consisting of three pieces that fit together, very light, and that we send you together with a rubber the ástica that makes the DEBEAM very easy #225 to transport. The stops on the front of the side parts prevent the computer from slipping, and the centerpiece has two different positions for the stand to work with portátiles of all sizesños. In addition#225;s, the inclination #243;n and the simplicity of the structure of the DEBEAM facilitate the ventilationón of the appliance.

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