EchiOliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 x 5L


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liters Pet (3 pcs x 5 Liters).

ElchiOliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a traditionally made olive oil. Olive Extra Virgin Oil Echioliva is the natural juice extraído of the best selection of #243 olives from our andalusian fields, healthy and at its point óptimo de maduración.

  • Composición: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Acidiity Máxima: 0.30º.

  • Caducity: 18 months after #233;s of the packaging date.

Recommunications after #233;s buying Echioliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil. PET is a práctico and económico container for storing olive oil, but precautions must be taken for its correct storage #243;n:

  • Save in a cool place, completely away from light, heat and strong smells,

  • Close the tapón correctly after use.

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