EchiOliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic AOVE - Premium Case 2x500ml


Aceites Echinac

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In this Premium case you will find #225;s a fusión of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and AOVE Ecológico. You can try #225 the quality of our oils and especially our Ecológico.

Because the oil Extra Virgin Olive Echioliva is the natural juice extraído of the best selection of #243 olives from our Andalusian fields, healthy and at its point óptimo de maduración.

Our Premium case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil EchiOliva and AOVE Ecológico Echinac (Cericón Ecológica by CAAE, nº registration: ES-ECO-001-AN) the following characteristicsísticas:

  • Capacity: 2 x 500 ml.

  • Composición: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Ecol Extra Virgin Olive Oilógico.

  • Acidiity Máxima: 0.30º.

  • Storage conditions: preserve from light and heat.

  • Caducity: 18 months after #233;s of the packaging date.

  • Processing of production #243;n: its production #243;n and collection #243;n is carried out during the first months of campña (production ón limited kilos) with the collection of Oliveón exclusively through medical procedures #225;nicos.

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