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This tool will allow you to spatially analyze all kinds of data at the postal code level and optimize your marketing campaigns aimed at your target.


The rates of this service offer you access to the Cartographic Layer for a certain time, and depend on the contracted modality:

- NO QUARTERLY UPDATES (download keys enabled for 30 days), € 5,000 + 21% VAT.

- WITH QUARTERLY UPDATES (download keys enabled for 365 days), € 5,800 + 21% VAT.
IMPORTANT: For the contracting of the product, you must previously select the contracting modality. Then it is mandatory to fill in the license clause for the use of the product, specifying the required data and the use that will be applied to the Cartographic Layer. The completed document must be attached, together with an identity document, at the time of purchase of the product.

Download here the necessary documentation to hire it WITHOUT QUARTERLY UPDATES.

Download here the necessary documentation to hire it WITH QUARTERLY UPDATES.

 What is the Postal Code Mapping Layer?
It is the geographical representation of all the Postal Codes of the national territory (Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). It contains vector data for high-quality maps with a level of detail suitable for technological developments. It is generated based on the list of postal codes and their relationship with addresses and population centers. This information is the fundamental basis from which the postcode polygons that make up the layer are generated.


How is it used and what is its purpose?
The Cartographic Layer is implemented in any geomarketing tool, which is very useful when georeferencing and performing spatial analysis based on postal codes.

The representation in maps will allow you to determine market niches, avoid cannibalization, design or restructure distribution routes... maximizing the impact of your direct marketing actions.


Which are its technical characteristics?
The cartographic system used is the ETRS89, and can be distributed in WGS84. It features a 1:25,000 scale digital map, and is made with ESRI's ArcMAP tool.

The delimitation of the contour of the Postal Codes is worked from orthophotos of the National Plan of Aerial Orthophotos (PNOA).

The resulting file is a shapefile (.shp), identifier of the type of Graphic Entity for internal use in ArcMAP, exportable to practically all geomarketing tools on the market.


How are the contracting modalities different?
Contracting the product under the modality WITH QUARTERLY UPDATES, the download keys of the product are enabled for 365 days. In this way you can download the complete and updated product from the second week of January, April, July and October.

The mode WITHOUT QUARTERLY UPDATES enables download keys only for 30 days.


What documentation do I need to hire it?
It is necessary to complete the license document of use of the product with the required data. The CIF or copy of the title of incorporation of the company must be attached, or DNI / NIE of the individual who exercises the contract.

What will I receive?
When you hire this service, we will contact you by email and give you instructions so that you can download a file with all the information of the modality you have contracted.
We do not send you any products physically. In the purchase process we ask you for a shipping address, in case it is necessary to send you the invoice for your purchase.

I need to contact you, where can I go?
For inquiries about this product, write to us at

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