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12,75 €



If you are going to be on vacation, in Correos we keep your shipments in your nearest office, as long as you need.

Hire it from € 12.18 (1 week), with a maximum of 14 weeks.

IMPORTANT: The contracting of this service requires you to fill out and attach an application form before payment. You must also attach an identification document of each of the holders and authorized of the service. And do not forget to fill in the code BUZONDEVACACIONES to not pay shipping costs. You must request it at least one week in advance.
Download here the necessary documentation to hire it.

What is the holiday mailbox?
It is a service that allows the storage of shipments received by recipients at the Post Office (reference) during the contracted period of time due to the temporary absence of the applicant from his home.


What kind of shipments can you keep for me?
The ordinary shipments received by the holders, as well as the arrival notices of the registered ones (presenting the arrival notices, Correos will deliver the registered shipments). Shipments will be subject to the periods of permanence in offices established by Correos


Who can hire the holiday mailbox?
It is a service aimed at individuals and companies:

Individuals: up to six different holders residing in the same address can be included in the same holiday mailbox, at no additional cost per holder.
· Company: in this case only one company can be included per contracted mailbox, even if there is a coincidence of other companies in the same registered office.


How long can I hire the holiday mailbox?
The holiday mailbox can be hired from a minimum of 1 week, up to a maximum of 14 weeks.
The service includes, on a voluntary and free basis, the sending of SMS to the recipient's mobile phone, informing him of the receipt of certified shipments to avoid expiration in the office, and the possible return of the same.

How do I retrieve my shipments at the end of the holiday mailbox?
The recipient can choose between two modalities to receive the shipments:
1. Correos takes you to the address.
2. Personal collection at the Office where the mailbox is located


When does the service become available, once contracted?
In the form to be filled in for the contract, must indicate the desired date of beginning of the service. This must be at least one working week after the date of hiring, in order to manage the activation correctly. Otherwise, the availability of the service is not guaranteed.
In case the attached documentation for the contract is not correct or incomplete, the service will not be activated.


Can I go to pick up my correspondence while the mailbox is contracted?
During the duration of the holiday mailbox, the client and the authorized can go to the customer's reference post office where, duly identifying themselves (DNI, NIE, Passport ...), they can make sporadic collections of correspondence.


If I receive a certified mail, how will I know, so as not to exhaust the collection period?
With the free service of SMS notifications, the customer will receive on his mobile a message informing him that he has a registered shipment in his mailbox to be able to go and pick it up.


What documentation is necessary to hire the holiday mailbox?
For individuals, it is necessary to present the DNI/NIE of the mailbox holders, and of the authorized ones (if any).

For companies, the deeds and the CIF of the company must be presented, along with the DNI/ NIE of the owner/agent of the company and of the authorized ones.

In the event that the documentation is not correctly attached at the time of the order, or the documentation is incomplete, the activation of the service cannot be processed.


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