Brancal Mini mandarin jam - 3x41 g


Brancal Mermeladas

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Tres jars «minis» our ecológica Brancal jam at a price único so you can try this delicious jam ¡you're sure to repeat!

  • Worked with certified ecológicas mandarins collected and grown in orchards of Castellón.
  • We present our flagship product in a gourmet, delicious and impeccable #243;n format. In our jar you will be able to taste and smell a whole orchard of mandarins, you will even be able to find pieces of orange peel that make this jam of 265 gr an excellent product and incomprehensible flavor.
  • This product is #225; under the name #243;n Castelló Taste Route.
  • 3 jars of 41g each

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