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"Miel Reinastur, del productor al consumidor"
Del productor al consumidor


We are a company of Grado - Asturias de carácter familiar created in 2012. After #233;#241;we decided to make facilities that have all the técnico equipment and all the necessary resources to be able to work with about 1200 hives and achieve high levels of specializationón, achieving honeys and pollen of the máxima quality.

We are subject to the controls established by Health which allows us to have a Health Registry.

A important basis of our business is the export of #243;n mainly to pasises such as Germany where they value the quality of our product. Currently they intend to reverse this trend by betting on the direct sale PRODUCTOR-CONSUMER.


Tho in order to have a wide variety of honeys we make each añor TRASHUMANCIA to very high areas where nature is in its purest state. Specialize in the production #243;n of monoflora honeys which implies a value añadido to these.


We are 4 people: Mario, Aurora, Fernando and Ainhoa.

Alba López

"Envío rápido y profesional"

La descripción del producto es exacta. Los productos llegaron perfectamente protegidos. Botes muy bonitos.

03 Jun, 2021


la tapa venía golpeada y se había salido un poco

11 Oct, 2021