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Pur Plant
"Volver a la Tierra"

This merchant belongs to the association SOSTENIBL.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Venta de Fertilizantes Naturales


All begins around an ecoló orchard;gico in a village called Elda, near Alicante.Quentin, founder of Pur Plant has a real click.¿Why #233; can we feed our garden natural conrtilizers and 100% orgánicos and citizens of the big capitals can not do the same at home and their plants? With his experience in the orchard and after living in as Sydney and Brussels, he was able to realize moreáask for the lack of information #243 on gardener productsí 100% natural, especially in their #237;genes and manufacture #243;n.In this way, an idea begins to germinate: bring gardener productsíreal from the field to the city ¿The target? Offer 100% natural and local products to be able to bring green to urbanites. 


Elaboración of 100% natural fertilizers from our own ecológico and, as #237;, that citizens can care for and grow their plants and vegetables from home in a sustainable way. It is not an ambitious project, as we want to take care of and maintain local #243;n production to ensure product quality.


A, founder and producer Quentin Brouhon, despite having the great help of family and friends