Pur Plant Worm humus 3l -1.2kg

Pur Plant

Pur Plant

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✅One of the best orgánicos subscriptions out there

Alto content orgánica – horse #233;rcol

Presentationsón: sólido 3L- 1.2kg (for mixing with soil)

Made in Spaña

The California Red Worm Humus is an increíble soil regenerator and 100% natural fertilizer. With great wealth in microorganisms (microbial flora: 1gr. of Humus de Lombriz contains approximately 2 trillion living microorganisms), active and increases the biológica capacity of the soil reaching the máxima capacity to produceón vegetable.

In other words, it grows your plants and crops 100% natural. We always recommend mixing it with soil



s benefit

1- Alto levels of macronutrients (nitrógeno, fósforum, potassium, calcium, sulfur and magnesium) and micronutrients (zinc, iron, copper, molybdenum and chlorine


2Arica and varied microbial flora and a huge range of fitorregulators, which work improving the natural fertility of the soil.

3- Recover depleted floors and apto for all types of plants.

4– Improves savers and quantity of crops, haciéndolas moreás healthy and durable.

5- Adelanta and prolong flowering periods#243;n and fruitón.

6- Help to retain moisture in the soil per más time.

7- Reducen the carbon of the floor and aument the nitrógeno levels of the plant.

8- They contain millions of beneficial microorganisms that break down orgánica matter into forms of nutrients so that plants absorb fácil and immediate.

9- Natural repellent for many insects such as white flies, floury insects and áexpensive.

10-  Without odor.

11-Contains minerals which are essential for plant growth, such as consyrates concentrated, the fósforo, the magnesian, the potasium and the calcio.

12- When diluted in water can be used as a fertilizer that helps to prevent the appearance #243 of various pests.

13- We take care of every part of the process, including the packaging 100% compostable and sticker printed on water inks.

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