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Pablo Fuentes Pérez
"IBERAÑEZ, cortado a mano"
Calidad en el sector cárnico

The idea of starting this project is moreás emotional than business, of ahí that in the brand refers to my roots;#237;Castilian ces north of Segovia, in Miguelañez.
In this town of “Castilla la Vieja” I #233; my childhood and with the future of the añI return to él continuously as a way to sprout again from the roots of the #237 roots; ces, looking for the fifth essence that you #241;you pray when you spend a long season in the big city. A commitment to the #237;ces that wings those who follow us



Detr #225&s of this project, there are many años dedicated to the cárnico sector, trying to improve the quality of the product from its or #237&<3> <2>; genes. Starting with the health of the cattle cabas;#241, and working side by side with farmers, ranchers who have pastures in the south-west of España, industry in the sector engaged in the manufacture #243;n of feed and others engaged in the production #243;n of hams and other cured cárnicos products.

A process of continuous improvement that allows to improve moreás if possible, the quality of the final product and that it reaches the consumer in conditions óptimas to delight the most #225;s demanding palates


I own and help me the rest of the family: seven brothers

Cartas Sanchez
04 Dec, 2020

"Positiva, a pesar del retraso en correos"

Todo correcto. No he necesitado contactar con el productor

20 Dec, 2020
M. Angeles Sánchez Navarro


Buen servicio

26 Dec, 2022

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