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Honey Buzzing
"Miel cruda, del Panal al Paladar"
Miel honesta y natural


All begins when an engineer #233;agrícola and graduated in the Environment, meets an engineer from Montes and they both share love and sueñyou for a land, its resources and its nature.

With the idea of living in a natural environment that captivates us and falls in love with us, where we can feel the seasons of the añ and be able to enjoy their natural resources as it is done #237;a in other times not so distant, our #241;we begin to materialize in 2016 when our cabaña cattle ranch apícola allows us to create in a small ñor honey worker with the branded Miel Zumbando.

Acesting these natural products to the consumer, without being undermined, was able to #233 them by enjoying them in all their essence and with the máxima quality. To be able to bring back to life an area, putting in value its natural resources, not forgeting #225;by the technologí that the 21st century offers us today, because today in díto innovate is to return to the origin. 


Sose breeders, we don't move our hives. That is why bees feed on the flora that exists in our area (tomillos, lavenders, cantuesos, sage, splendous, sunflowers and holm oaks) being able to give the consumer a piece of our land in a jar. Our honey is totally honest and natural, packaged nothing moreás extract it from the mountain, when it reaches its point idóneo of maturationón, without processing, nor heating, nor anything that can distort its aromas and properties so characteristic ísticas of the area. That's why our honey is auténtica; crystallizes in the packaging itself reaching the consumer naturally.

Fealy way we reach local and national consumers. We start to work the European market gradually, putting quality before quantity, since quality is one of our priority objectives.


The #225; made up of two people, although we feel very tucked away by friends, family and many more #225 people who make up The family of Zumbando.

Víctor Muñiz García; professional beekeeper, Montes engineer and father of family.

Sara Marcos Urueña; agrícola, Environmental Graduate, Beekeeper and Mamá.

Ana González Sanz

"Miel de crema Zumbando"

Muy fácil y rápido. Perfecto

29 Jan, 2021

Gracias Ana!

Miel Zumbando 13 Feb, 2021
Marta De Frutos Cuevas
05 Feb, 2021

Gracias por tu valoración Marta

Miel Zumbando 13 Feb, 2021
Alida Lechter

"Compra fácil y rápida"

16 Mar, 2021

Muchas gracas por tu apoyo comprando nuestras mieles.

Miel Zumbando 18 Mar, 2021
Jorge Alejandre Sánchez

"Envío rápido"

12 Nov, 2021

Muchas gracias Jorge

Miel Zumbando 12 Nov, 2021
29 Apr, 2020
15 May, 2020


El productor es una persona muy competente, que sabe explicar muy bien las cualidades de su producto.

25 May, 2020
Mónica Montero Rodríguez

"Envío muy mejorable por parte de Correos."

Realizar la compra usando Chrome fue imposible porque la web no me dejaba añadir productos a la cesta. Finalmente tuve que usar Safari, donde no tuve ningún problema. El envío es muy lento y la función de seguimiento desde la web de Correos deja mucho que desear.

16 Jun, 2020
27 Jul, 2020
Concha Benavente Gimennez

"Buena , muy buena."

03 Jan, 2021
Isabel Mauriz Martinez

"Muy buena"

27 Aug, 2021
Gema Esteban Sánchez


El pedido llegó rápido y muy bien embalado.

04 Feb, 2022
Julian Heredero Estebanez

"Buen vendedor."

Rápido envío.

11 Mar, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Miel Zumbando ha sido agradable, Julián. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!