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Fox d'Avi Soap
"Fabricantes de Cosmética Artesanal Ecológica Residuo Cero"
Elaboración Cosmética Natural


It is from our family residence located in a smallño village located in the Natural Park of Lake Sanabria and Ibé Rich Plateau Cross-border Biosphere Reserve, in the province of Zamora, we started our project in the early #241;os 90s by making cosméticos result of the estímute of life in the field and the búsqueda of the benefits and properties offered by nature.

Of our childhood we hadíwe saw soaps in the family ámbito since our parents always devoted themselves to everything related to medicinal plants and traditional remedies as usual in many families in the rural environment. In this way, we began to carry out our tests and first artisanal cosméticos combining ancestral knowledge and the different skin care properties of the various medicinal plants typical of our natural environment.


Poco we have gradually grown to include all members of our family to devote ourselves fully to this exciting project.

Oo a craftsman's workshop recognized by the Junta de Castilla y León located in the Polígono Industrial de Puebla de Sanabria - Zamora, which is the place of work where we manufacture our natural cosméticos natural.

Our goal is to get to the great público a cosmética of the high quality más, natural, artisanal, ecológica, sustainable, and zero residue made según the traditional méall traditional and at a price suitable for any peersone to be able to disstruct from the benefits of a product of these characters#237;sticas.

All this process has been ratified by the AEMPS that loves us and recognizes us as an authorized cosmético manufacturer. We also have #233 two important quality seals, UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 22716:2008 that certify the category of #237 our cosméticos and the good work, responsibility and commitment of our company. We belong to the Federation of #243 Artisan Associations of Castile and León having been recognized as an artisan workshop by the Junta de Castilla y León and the Delegación Territorial de Zamora through #233;s of the Industry Service, Trade and Tourism with the Nº 49-I-97 and Nº 49-I-95 in the activity of Cosmética and the Jabonero Office.

We have the certification #243;n manufacturers cosméecológicos products according to the bio.inspecta AG and BioVidaSana standard. In addition#225 all our cosméticos is #225;n dermatol testedógicamente.

Pertain to the #243;n Producer Association Cross-border Biosphere Reserve Plateau IbéRica.

In JABÓN ZORRO D´AVI we use top quality natural ingredients without preservatives, dyes or flavorings made with top quality olive oil and extracts in frío. Our cosmética fórmulas do not contain glycerins, paraffins, alcohol, parabens, así palm oil or any #250;n type of perfume that could harm the skin.


Our company is #225 formed by our entire family Avelina and Virgilio, and our four children, who after completing their higher education have chosen to continue our craft by promoting así maintaining a traditional artisan trade and settling population #243;n jóven in the rural environment of españa empty
Flavia Gonzalez peiro


Genial ! Envío rápido y trato inmejorable

06 Sep, 2021
alicia martinez carrasco


Me ha gustado también su paquete para entregar, envío muy rápido y en perfectas condiciones. Con varias hojas con más productos y explicaciones

14 Oct, 2021
M Luisa Serdio Arias
24 Jan, 2022
Daisy Maria López Calaña
21 Feb, 2022

¡Muchas gracias por tu valoración Daisy ! Nos alegra que tu experiencia con Jabón Zorro d´Avi haya sido buena.
¡Esperamos verte pronto!